Youth Leadership Academy

YLA 2022

A brief summary of our 2022 YLA programme

The Edulab (YLA 2022 Winning Team)

The Edulab is a social enterprise and outreach project that aims to improve English readability among children aged 10-14 years old which covers the upper primary and lower secondary students in Malaysia. This project is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal,  SDG 4 Quality Education and the Ministry of Education's "Kempen Pendidikan" education blueprint to equip Malaysian students holistically and enable them to fulfill their potential.

In 2022, Edulab has conducted over 40 workshops and engaged more than 1,200 students through their community events and initiatives in Malaysia - making an impact to the society with an average increase of 52% in English Literacy in the community.

Find out more on Instagram @the_edulab or visit their website.

Projects from our Participating Teams

The YLA 2022 group was greatly inspired by some of the most influential leaders in Malaysia to whom they are grateful for their support.

Mentors and Speakers

To name a few, we have had the honor of having:-

  • Greg Blackwood Lee - Chairman & Founder, Genuine Interest Ltd.
  • Ida Thien - Deputy CEO, Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation and Co-Founder, Closing The Gap
  • Chen Chow Yeoh - Co-founder, Fave Group
  • Heidy Quah - Founder, Refuge for the Refugees
  • Gurpreet Khera - Chief Business Officer, Boost Digital Bank
  • Najla Zamri - Early stage startup advisor
  • Kerry Davis -Head of Delivery, Teleport
  • Wai Ken Wong - Country Manager, StashAway Malaysia
  • Pete Charoenwongsaek - CEO, Teleport
  • Michele Manigart - Chief Strategy Officer, SEEK Asia

The YLA 2022 Team

YLA Malaysia is organised and run by colleagues McKinsey & Company's Kuala Lumpur office. The 2021 team is a group of passionate individuals who are excited to meet you and make the programme a fulfilling experience!

Kenneth is an Erasmus Mundus scholar, graduating from KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Munster (Germany) and TalTech (Estonia) with a MSc in Public Sector Innovation and Design. He graduated from YLA's 2014 cohort and published a best-selling book as his project. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was a unit lead in the Education and Performance Delivery Unit (PADU) and a consultant at EY. Kenneth is passionate about K-12 education, Human Capital and reskilling for the Future of Work, with a minor in Muai-Thai and Terrarium making

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Shu Chern graduated from Imperial College London with a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Prior to joining McKinsey & Company, Shu Chern worked in microprocessor semiconductors before moving into in Merger & Acquisition advisory in the telecommunications sector. He is passionate about blockchain technology, 5G networks and smartphones and consumer devices. In his free time, Shu Chern practices mindful meditation, brews green tea and enjoys street photography.

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Shu Chern

Cha Sheng graduated from University of Cambridge with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Before McKinsey, he interned in investment industry in Malaysia including private equity and asset management. Outside of work, he enjoys running and watching The Office for the 13th time. 

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Cha Sheng

Daniel graduated from Imperial College London with Masters in Chemical Engineering and MBA. Prior to joining McKinsey, Daniel worked in the O&G industry. He enjoys snowboarding, gaming and salsa dancing.

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Wayne graduated from University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a Degree in Chemical Engineering. Before joining McKinsey, Wayne worked as a management consultant with PwC and was a field engineer with Halliburton. In his free time, Wayne likes to play golf (badly). Wayne was part of the YLA 2020 committee.

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Khalid graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce and subsequently worked in banking where he became a CFA charterholder. He has also had stints in venture capital and strategy consulting prior to joining McKinsey. Khalid is a nature lover and a father to two six cats 

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Kean graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne with a degree in Multimedia Design. Prior to joining McKinsey, Kean worked as an associate creative director with an advertising agency. Kean has a multidisciplinary background and always brings this perspective to his work. Focusing on creative concept, ideas development and art direction.

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Danial graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining McKinsey, he had worked in oil and gas as well as investment management. Outside of work, he loves everything sports-related. His greatest passion though is swimming and he used to swim at the national and international level. 

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Ying Wan graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Design Engineering and the the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Industrial systems, manufacture and management. Prior to McKinsey, Ying Wan worked as an engineer at Rolls-Royce. 

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Ying Wan

Amalina graduated as a Medical Doctor from Manipal University along with a Masters in Healthcare Management form Nagoya University, Japan.  Prior to working with Mckinsey, she was practicing physician and deputy director of Hospital Kajang. In her free time she enjoys weight lifting and playing with her two children 

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Nur Amalina

Charlotte holds a Master’s degree in Energy Science from Utrecht University and a Bachelor’s degree from Imperial College London. Prior to joining McKinsey, she was working for the United Nations on country and city-level energy transition. Currently in McKinsey, Charlotte focuses on topics related to climate sustainability and energy transition. Charlotte enjoys salsa dancing and looks for every opportunity to go scuba diving. 

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Laurena graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from HELP University. Prior to joining McKinsey, she was recruiting for the manufacturing and ops industry before making a switch into management consulting. Currently in McKinsey, Laurena focuses on recruiting for experienced professionals across various practices in the region. Outside of work, she is pawrent to a cat named Cat and is looking to recruit more furiends for Cat in the future. She is also obtaining her diving & yoga certs.

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