Youth Leadership Academy

YLA 2013

A brief summary of our YLA 2013 programme

MyUniBus (YLA 2013 Winning Team)

Long waiting time has always been associated with the Malaysian public transport scene. Determined to cut down idle waiting time and reduce the probability of being a victim of crime, Team MYUNIBUS from YLA 2013 collaborated with the Sunway Education Group and Sunway Travel to develop a website portal that enables the public to track university shuttle buses in Malaysia real-time.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the team has gone from just having an idea and passion to improve public transportation in Malaysia to having a working website and few hundred followers. While the initial solution was designed to benefit the students and residents in the integrated Sunway Resort City, the team is hopeful that their solution can be developed over time to serve the Malaysian community. “One small step by Team MYUNIBUS might be a great leap in the country’s urban transportation development”, says the team.

6 months after winning YLA 2013, the team is still working full steam ahead to improve the website based on user feedback and is also on its way to launch a MYUNIBUS mobile app in the near future.

Scan2Verify (1st Runner Up)

The public are occasionally wary of efforts to seek donations through the internet. A young team of YLA participants aspired to help potential donors to identify legitimate donation-seeking social organization websites. A tool called Scan2Verify was envisioned, launched and rolled out within the span of 12 weeks.

Scan2Verify tags a QR code to verified websites. If the QR code is genuine, users will be led to a secure site which confirms the legitimacy of the organization. The students conducted physical site visits to the social organizations to observe operations. In addition, the organization is required to produce a registration certificate issued by the Registry of Societies. “This simple solution is scalable to a large number of charity organizations, but we must ensure 100% legitimacy of these organizations”, said the team.

In recognition of their efforts, the team appeared on ntv7 to explain the inspiration which led to their YLA journey, and the impact that they are proud to have achieved. The team also leveraged the Malay Mail to run a press release to help publicize the solution. Thanks to their efforts, people can be assured that websites seeking donations for organizations such as PAWS are genuine!