Youth Leadership Academy

YLA 2014

A brief summary of our 2014 YLA program

SCHOLARSTories (YLA 2014 Winning Team)

Students keen on pursuing further education often face difficulties in applying for scholarships. Help to prepare for scholarship applications is sought endlessly; sometimes to no avail. But fret no more! Team SCHOLARSTories from YLA 2014 became the pioneer to bridge this gap by launching a website to help students to apply scholarships.

Team SCHOLARSTories have now connected many bright minds around the country by establishing the foundation of sharing past experiences, interview tips and success stories between applicants and successful scholars. With this website, students are now also able to distinguish between the differences of various scholarships and its requirements. Team SCHOLARSTories have successfully delivered true impact to the community by being voted the “Malaysian Startup of the Year” by Vulcan Post.

A key motivating factor for winning team was rather a simple quote:-

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Congratulations Team SCHOLARSTories!

YLA 2014 has been greatly inspired by some of the most influential leaders in Malaysia

Mentors and Speakers

Just to name a few, we have had the honor of having:-

  • Datuk Abdul Farid Alias – CEO of Maybank
  • Datuk Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria – Secretary General, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Sajith Sivanandan – Managing Director, Google Malaysia and Philippines
  • Rhoda Yap – CEO of British India

YLA 2014 Ambassadors

Introduction for YLA Ambassadors for 2014 - a group of YLA alumni dedicated in making this programme better.

"Gwen Yi is a young social entrepreneur with a big dream - to revolutionize the way people connect. She helps youths and teachers build communities using mobile technology and new media. Her work has been featured on various platforms, most notably the Telenor Youth Summit and Nobel Peace Prize Convention. You can find out more about her at"

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Gwen Yi

Adam Malik (YLA 2013 alumnus) is currently pursuing the Advanced Stage of ICAEW qualification in Sunway University before he qualifies as a Chartered Accountant. He is the co-founder of, a public transportation-oriented project that tracks Sunway City shuttle buses on a real-time basis under the guidance of YLA 2013 mentors. Prior to this, he was attached to BCG, PerkPool, PwC and CIMB Investment Bank; where he was exposed to the financial services, telecommunication and startup world. An alumnus of Victoria Institution, he enjoys playing rugby and hitting the gym, while he comes up with the perfect plan to change the public transportation scene in Kuala Lumpur

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Adam Malek

Co-Founder & CEO at Company

Hafidzi Razali is currently in his 3rd year of LLB at International Islamic University Malaysia. He was Malaysia's Youth Ambassador to United States in 2010 for 6 months, and has recently been inducted to Ashoka Youth Venture's Changemaker alumni community in Washington D.C. Volunteering aside, Hafidzi is also active in local debating scene, Model United Nations, and involvement with Asian Law Students Association. A travel-junkie himself, his immediate mission is to travel to 50 countries before the age of 30 and he has 30 left to be crossed out within 8 years!

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Hafidzi Razali

A Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering student at Multimedia University Malacca Campus (MMU), Adzeem's passion goes from organizing programs ranging from charity to conventions, athletics and writing poems in his spare time. Having held leadership positions from school, ex-head prefect and chief editor of SMK Gunung Rapat has went on and become directors and committees of various events in MMU from forums such as 'Minggu Melamar Cinta', conventions such as Career Fair and Ihya' Ramadhan and charity programs such as 'Pyea-Baal Cambodia'. Although he prefers to spend quiet times writing poems, he enjoys marathon as an alternative to channel stress into good exercise. His life motto is 'The end shall be Jannah, until then, I will not stop!' It is his passion in giving and humbleness that puts him forward. His uncompromising principles in achieving success brings confidence in all who decides to follow him

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Nadhirah who is completing her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program this year and is eager to explore different places and cultures. She intends to pursue politics and sociology as she is fascinated by the workings of society. She is part Malay, part Chinese and part Indian earning her the title of '1Malaysia girl'. She enjoys volunteering, music, movies and books besides conversations with random strangers which can be seen on the FB page Faces Of KL

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Li Jean Tan is a final year Accounting & Finance student at Sunway University who has great interest in social entrepreneurship. This interest was sown and nurtured during her stint with the Youth Leadership Academy programme. In 2013, she co-founded, a social enterprise initiative that aims to consolidate shuttle bus tracking services across all local universities under one platform. Currently serving Sunway University, the website averages 350 views a day, allowing Sunway riders to track shuttle buses on a real-time basis. Her passion and interest grew exponentially during her participation in the Global Startup Youth programme, TEDxYouth@KL and Harvard's Asia Leadership Trek. Recently, she completed her internship with Accenture where she assisted in system integration testing. In her spare time, Li Jean enjoys leisure writing and watching documentaries. "When you sign up for YLA, you are signing up for an exhilarating journey towards self-discovery."

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Li Jean Tan

A Bachelor of English & Education final year student of UCSI University Terengganu Campus, Fira Shafira Hasny's devotion is being actively involved in education based community service programs. She also has new-found love in volunteer work and enjoy interacting and meeting new friends. Experiencing life through different cultures has opened her mind to the endless possibilities of life. "Never give up, even if people keep pushing you down" is always her mantra to help her make it through the day. Being part of YLA 2013's alumni is a big honor. She can't wait to help inspire the great young mind of the youths to help shape a better tomorrow! "Embark on a journey of your lifetime, and never look back. YLA will help you reach your goal"

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Fira Shafira

Jun Yee an accounting and finance student from Sunway University. Together with her teammates, coach and mentors, she started Scan2Verify for projects which aim to use technology to tackle NGOs' fund raising problems. Although YLA 2013 has ended, they still strongly believe in the social impact of this project and have decided not to put the project to rest until they meet their objectives. In fact, the end of YLA 2013 was only the beginning for Jun Yee's team to achieve even greater milestones ahead!

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Jun Yee

Wye Xiang (Wyeth) is a social business enthusiast with a Business, Events and Design Thinking (BED) background. He's a part of a global movement MakeSense and founder of S.I.D Project which later on was adopted by Mindvalley under Project Renaissance He have been in the Social Enterprise scene for three years and going, he was sponsored to attend the Global Entrepreneur Summit and Global Social Business Summit in 2013. He is also one of the few Youth Leaders invited to meet Barack Obama during his visit to Malaysia

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