Youth Leadership Academy 2023

The Youth Leadership Academy aims to equip aspiring young Malaysians with skills and coaching that will enable them to become successful leaders of change.

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What is YLA?

YLA is a programme that consists of 4 main pillars to develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need to fulfill your potential

3 workshops, to build your problem-solving and leadership capabilities

led by McKinsey & Company volunteers who will teach you how to approach, dissect and tackle problems through problem solving methods they use in their client engagements, with support from distinguished speakers that will inspire and instill confidence

A social entrepreneurship project

that you will define, develop and pilot with your team. Throughout this project, a volunteering McKinsey & Company faculty member will be your project advisor to support you and your team as you turn ideas into clear initiatives and actions

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Speaker series

wherein influential leaders in Malaysia share experiences from their leadership journeys, and small steps you can take to achieve your ambitions. Past speakers include: Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan (former CEO of TNB), Gökhan Öğüt (CEO of Maxis), Mark Chang (CEO of JobStreet), Dato’ Seri Nazir Razak (former Chairman of CIMB Group), Sajith Sivanandan (Managing Director of Google), Dato’ Shahril Ridza Ridzuan (CEO of EPF), Khailee Ng (Managing Partner of 500 Global) and Datuk Hisham Hamdan (Executive Director of Khazanah)

Personal mentoring/coaching

from a host of distinguished mentors, who will share their experiences on topics ranging from career choices and work-life balance to what made them leaders today. Past mentors include: Johan Merican (former CEO of TalentCorp), Chen Chow (Co-founder of Fave), Dzameer Dzulklifi (Founder and former MD of Teach for Malaysia), Greg Blackwood (Founder of Genuine Interest) and Zaman Ahmad (former Head of Corporate Ventures at TNB and now Head of Gentari Renewables) and Gurpreet Khera (Chief Business Officer at Boost Digital Bank)

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Making an impact with Youth Leadership Academy

Past YLA Projects

Past participants of YLA have exemplified social entrepreneurship in projects that have included:

Handmade Crafts

Providing refugees with the platform to market their best quality handmade crafts to the public

Recycle Papers

Collecting donated books and bringing the books to the underprivileged communities by building libraries at schools

Additional Income For Orang Asli

Developing a program to help Orang Asli earn additional income through odd jobs in nearby towns


Providing accessible healthcare to the needy

YLA 2023 Team

Meet the volunteers behind YLA 2023!

Afiqah graduated from the University of Alberta in Canada where she was an Economics Major and Political Science Minor. She started her career in an international corporate bank as a Management Trainee and gradually exploring a career path within Human Resource and now, particularly recruiting. Outside work, she appreciates wellness activities such as guided meditation, Pilates, and journaling. She recently picked up polymer clay jewelry making and enjoys spending her free time making those!

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Bing Horng graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Before joining McKinsey, Bing Horng worked in the oil and gas industry as a reservoir engineer. Outside of work, Bing Horng likes karting, golfing and holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

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Bing Horng

Charlotte holds a Master’s degree in Energy Science from Utrecht University and a Bachelor’s degree from Imperial College London. Prior to joining McKinsey, she was working for the United Nations on country and city-level energy transition. Currently in McKinsey, Charlotte focuses on topics related to climate sustainability and energy transition. Charlotte enjoys salsa dancing and looks for every opportunity to go scuba diving. 

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Cha Sheng graduated from University of Cambridge with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Before McKinsey, he interned in the investment industry in Malaysia including private equity and asset management. Outside of work, he enjoys running and watching The Office for the 13th time.

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Cha Sheng

Justin graduated from Imperial College London with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Prior to McKinsey, Justin was a process engineer in ExxonMobil. He is passionate about topics about renewables, sustainability and energy transition. Outside of work, he plays tennis, golf and loves travelling and exploring good food spots.

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Kean graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne with a degree in Multimedia Design. Prior to joining McKinsey, Kean worked as an associate creative director with an advertising agency. Kean has a multidisciplinary background and always brings this perspective to his work. Focusing on creative concept, ideas development and art direction.

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Kenneth is an Erasmus Mundus scholar, graduating from KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Munster (Germany) and TalTech (Estonia) with a MSc in Public Sector Innovation and Design. He graduated from YLA's 2014 cohort and published a best-selling book as his project. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was a unit lead in the Education and Performance Delivery Unit (PADU) and a consultant at EY. Kenneth is passionate about K-12 education, Human Capital and reskilling for the Future of Work, with a minor in Muai-Thai and Terrarium making.

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Kevin Ngo graduated from University of New South Wales (Petroleum Engineering) and University Putra Malaysia (MBA). He started his career in oil and gas industry (OFSE) as a field engineer. Outside of work, he enjoys the great outdoors and is looking to get back into mountain biking.

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Ning Zheng graduated from University of Southampton with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He started his career in academia and eventually joined consulting, building experience in project management, software implementation and customer strategy. He is now a telecoms, media and technology analyst at McKinsey. Outside of work he enjoys gardening, motorsports and weight-lifting.

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Ning Zheng

Shu Chern graduated from Imperial College London with a Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Prior to joining Mckinsey, Shu Chern held several roles in semiconductor IP design and investment banking. Shu Chern is an expert on digital infrastructure (e.g. 5G networks, mobile tower, fiber and data center deals) and serve global clients on Delayering and transition from Telco to TechCo. Shu Chern is passionate about YLA and has been involved in YLA since 2019. Outside of work, Shu Chern can be found playing FPS RPG titles, taking street photography or reviewing headphones.

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Shu Chern

Sue Fern graduated from Sunway University. She has been a Recruiter in the consulting industry prior to joining McKinsey, always passionate to speak with new people and exploring new topics in the industry. Outside of work, she is a big dessert lover and enjoys exploring new cafes.

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Sue Fern

Sze Lee graduated from University of Nottingham in UK with a Masters in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining Mckinsey, she worked as an engineer with ExxonMobil. Outside of work, she enjoys diving and snowboarding and also trying out new restaurants

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Sze Lee

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