A brief summary of our 2016 YLA programme

Paplet Project (YLA 2016 Winning Team)

Did you know that Malaysians consume 3 million tons of paper annually and only recycle less than 5% of it? Did you know that paper production makes up 6% of the world’s total energy consumption?

This is where Paplet Project comes in. Our project saves 50% of paper wastage by making Paplet booklets out of used papers that are printed only on one side. We collect used paper from universities in the form of assignments, tutorials and also documents from companies. Any full-printed paper received is then sent to our partnering recycling companies.

In late August, we organised a mega event in Publika to showcase how easy it is to save and reduce paper consumption. The event garnered more than 500 visitors and landed us a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records. We are officially the pioneer of “The Most Number of Booklets Made from Recycled Paper”, producing 10,114 booklets within the span of 10 hours.


We have donated to 7 NGOs & orphanages, totaling up to more than 4,000 teenagers and children using our paplets. In total, we had saved more than 1,000 kg of paper. That’s a whopping 4000kW of energy saved!

We strive to make the Paplet Project a global movement. There are currently 2 local government schools planning to adopt our project, and we have gained partnership with the University of Illinois to join hands with us in expanding our legacy.

Join our efforts in overcoming the excessive usage of paper. We are Paplet Project, from Team Power & Energy, true problem-solvers & impact-makers. Saving the world, one page at a time!

For more information or to find out how to get involved, please visit our Facebook page.

In the press:
Record-breaking paplets by UNITENians


Mentors and Speakers

The YLA 2016 group was greatly inspired by some of the most influential leaders in Malaysia for which are grateful for their support.

To name a few, we have had the honor of having:-

  • Alina Amir, Co-Founder, Arus Academy
  • Datuk Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Chairman, ILMU Education Group
  • Tengku Dato’ Sri Zafrul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, CIMB
  • Ehon Chan, Executive Director, MaGIC
  • Dzameer Dzulkifli, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Teach for Malaysia
  • Karthik Karunanithy, Co-Founder, 100% Project
  • Rejina Rahim, Managing Director, Nomura Asset Management Malaysia
  • Rhoda Yap,  Managing Director at Metamorphic Training
  • Chen Chow Yeoh, Co-Founder, KFit

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