A brief summary of our 2014 YLA programme


SCHOLARSTories (YLA 2014 Winning Team)

Students keen on pursuing further education often face difficulties in applying for scholarships. Help to prepare for scholarship applications is sought endlessly; sometimes to no avail. But fret no more! Team SCHOLARSTories from YLA 2014 became the pioneer to bridge this gap by launching a website to help students to apply scholarships.

Team SCHOLARSTories have now connected many bright minds around the country by establishing the foundation of sharing past experiences, interview tips and success stories between applicants and successful scholars. With this website, students are now also able to distinguish between the differences of various scholarships and its requirements. Team SCHOLARSTories have successfully delivered true impact to the community by being voted the “Malaysian Startup of the Year” by Vulcan Post.

A key motivating factor for winning team was rather a simple quote:-

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Congratulations Team SCHOLARSTories!


(L-R – Sarah, Yen Wei,Yong Lin, Radhika, Tommy)

Mentors and Speakers

YLA 2014 has been greatly inspired by some of the most influential leaders in Malaysia…

Just to name a few, we have had the honor of having:-

Datuk Abdul Farid Alias – CEO of Maybank

Datuk Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria – Secretary General, Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Sajith Sivanandan – Managing Director, Google Malaysia and Philippines

Rhoda Yap – CEO of British India

Photos from YLA 2014

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