What is YLA?

Interview with YLA alumni

Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a 12-week project-based, leadership development program designed for local university students. We strongly believe leadership cannot just simply be “taught” in class, but it is best developed by actually working in teams in a challenging environment to achieve a common goal. The program revolves around 2 workshops, a project, and a unique mentoring program that really makes this a life-changing experience.

Furthermore, we also believe that not only should you benefit from this program, but Malaysia as a whole can benefit from your bright ideas. Therefore, all YLA projects have a common theme – social entrepreneurship. Notable projects in the past have ranged from distributing day old bread to the homeless to writing, publishing and distributing a book on the legal profession to aspiring lawyers in high school. Social problems are notoriously difficult to solve, that is why we believe that getting bright young future leaders of Malaysia to come together and work on the most critical problems facing Malaysia is a great idea. Please refer to ‘What is social entrepreneurship?’ to find out more.

2016 will be the 9th year of this program, and we truly believe that it has benefited all the participants in the pass. Well,  don’t just trust us on this, but here are a few (thankfully!) nice things that YLA alumni have said about the program:

“YLA has taught me to ponder upon the impossible and to strive for more unrealistic, scary dreams which may seemed undoable at first… I have not only managed to achieve my initial humble aspiration to raise RM 20,000 for orphans but increased that 7.5 times by raising RM 150,000!” – Jermaine Bee

“There is no doubt that YLA has inspired me to go  beyond the ordinary. – Naim Rahim

“YLA allowed me to discover myself. I now know exactly what my ultimate goal in life is… It has been a year of  discovery for me.” – Ken Vin Lek

“YLA taught me to make things happen… It helped me overcome my fears and boost my confidence… It is a stepping stone for life after university!” – Rubaina Shokat

“The people at YLA is what I found most invaluable… peers who were capable and keen to make a difference in their community. That, encouraged me to push myself further.” – David Chew

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